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VOW (Vet On Wheels) is designed to simplify & streamline your experience with our Dr.Dog Pet Hospital, empowering you & the loved ones
to have more control and flexibility in how you manage your Pet Care.

Four steps for a happy pet

VOW, addressing your pet care needs

Swati loves her dog Tobby; he brightens up her day when she returns home tired after work. Swati finds it difficult to take him to the vet sometimes due to her busy schedule, this causes her a lot of anxiety. Her experience with veterinary hospitals has been difficult and cumbersome. Her cousin Ramesh faces similar issues with his cats.

They then discovered VOW (Vet on Wheels) and all their worries have been put to rest. VOW is the complete trustworthy premium pet care clinic. Now they just get all their pet’s needs addressed at their doorstep with the click of an app.

About us!!

VOW (Vet on Wheels) is a unique mobile pet clinic designed to give the best care for your pets at the click of an app. VOW is a special offering from Dr. Dog Pet Hospital, the pioneering veterinary care hospital in Hyderabad round the clock.

In the ten years of our operation we have had experience in dealing with a wide range of healthcare and grooming needs of pets. We have understood the concerns and requirements of pet parents very closely and designed our service to address them.Our app is easy to use and gives you full control of your pet’s healthcare. Our services include healthcare products, grooming needs, pet food, accessories etc.

We bring you a well experienced team of passionate veterinarians at your door step. Give the best care to your pet in the comfort of its home.

You can trust your loved ones with us.

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Our app

Keeps track of your pet’s health through record of previous consultations

Saves your time, by attending to your pet’s needs at your doorstep

Gives timely reminders so that you never miss an appointment

Takes care of your pet’s healthcare and grooming needs even when you are away

Addresses your concerns and queries regarding your pet’s health

Franchise with us

By 2022, We are planning to launch 100 VOW clinics in all major cities in INDIA.

Be part of our growth and increase your revenues.

For franchise enquiries or more details, Call us +91 9121400100

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Since the launch of VOW we have attended and treated over 600 pets in Hyderabad in just 25 days. And we plan to launch 100 VOW clinics PAN INDIA by 2022.